September Writing 2020

September 15th

Two pieces by Rosemary Orr


We chose the rocky beach,
having walked too long
on strands of silk,
down avenues of lush green.

Now we needed a challenge,
stumbling across stones, boulders,
slipping into pools of slime,
dense murky algae.

We chose the rocky beach
pockmarked our feet,
but we had been somewhere,
leaving not just footprints
in the sand.

God’s Garden

Garden of deep peace
nestling in strong sunlight.
Here we pray for strength,
for encouragement in difficult times.
Nearby daffodils and cowslips
rustle in the cold wind.

The garden is empty
save for the two of us.
We drink some orange juice,
then the early Spring sun
bids us slowly depart.

September 8th

David New has continued to ponder the theme of creation from previous months and has called to mind trees from various periods of his life that have been significant for him:-


Seven stately Ash
marked the path that ran
beyond the end
of my childhood garden.
Gentle southwest winds
rustling the branches
“had language for me.”

Pollarded willows
edged the banks
of the old mill stream
while we lazed
in the water-meadow field
with vetch and buttercup and buzzing bugs,
eating double-decker sandwiches.

Towering Elms
crowning the hill of
Beckenham golf course
with trunks too big to be hugged
even by us two boys.
Alas the nineteen sixties
swept them all away!

Golden pendules of Laburnum
overhung the pavement
from garden fronts
of suburban brick-box homes;
brightening up
the daily walk to school.

One big Chestnut tree
covered the corner
of the school playground.
Elegant white candles in the spring;
Abundant summer foliage;
And in the autumn,
Conkers galore.
Overwhelming generosity
from the Creator.
And all for fun!

Bright white slender trunks
mark the parking lots
for fossil-fuelled family cars.
But tiny dancing leaves
are no match
for the carbon-footprint need.
Yet still the white bark shines.

David New 2020