Music for December

Each gathering begins with a short session of worship which introduces the theme for the day. This includes a song or two.

For those who like to know, in December we will be singing the following songs:

O come all ye faithful
by Matt and Beth Redman

Mary did you know?
by Buddy Greene & Mark Lowry


The Candle Song
First line: Like a candle flame
by Graham Kendrick

 All of these songs can be found on YouTube.

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Drum Workshop (Oct 2017)

A group of beginners unleashed on a variety of drums of all shapes and sizes.

The video ‘Drums 2’ shows clearly it wasn’t just the drums that are all shapes and sizes. The rather splendid profile shown is my good self. Perhaps my wife’s criticisms of my fitness and diet are more justified than I thought! – Editor

Click on the links below to play the three very short videos.

Drums 1

Drums 2

Drums 3

January 2017 Music


We were very fortunate to have Archdeacon Robert Jones with us at this month’s Kingdom Arts.

He led a small group of people in singing, and thinking about the power of music in worship and how prayerful and joyful it can be.
The songs we sang were very simple which enabled us to concentrate on the meaning of the words. We used short phrases such as Kyrie Eleison and Alleluya. We were taken in song to different parts of the world where Robert had experienced the joys and sorrows of the human condition. We discovered the power that music has, to take us to places, people, emotions and memories.

The short recordings here are not performances but tasters to show that – ’tis a gift to be simple – and that we can all participate in praising the Lord wherever we are, be it on a hill top, in the kitchen, by the bedside of a loved one, or with friends.

Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy)

Alleluya 1 (Alleluya/Alleluia/Hallelujah – Praise the Lord)

Alleluya 2

December 2016 Music

This Christmas song was not created during a Kingdom Arts meeting, but it was played at the December gathering and is posted here so that those who were there may listen again if they wish. Of course, everyone else is also welcome to listen!

A simple song inspired by Luke Chapter 2 and a very well-known story:

See in the night sky, so far above,
Shining so brightly, shining with love;
Star of the dawning, burning with gold,
Sign of the story from times of old.

Let all the church bells ring.
Oh hear the angels sing:

“Good news we bring you, joy to the world.”
And with these words their story unfurled,
“For you a Saviour, born on this day.
Glory in heaven, peace on the earth.”

Let all the church bells ring.
Oh hear the angels sing.
(Repeat chorus)

“Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is born.”

© 2011 David Moore

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Click here for sheet music > See in the night sky

Oct 2015 Writing: Words and Music

The very first session of Kingdom Arts explored the opening chapter of the first book of the Bible,  Genesis.
This song was developed from thoughts of The Creation.

“And God saw that it was good”

Watch a sunset fade on a summer’s day
Or the raindrops clinging to a window pane
The Spirit speaks
The Spirit speaks to me
“And know I give you these.”

See the branches bending in the breeze
The shim’ring whispering dancing leaves
The Spirit speaks
The Spirit speaks to me
“And take good care of these.”

From the awesome beauty of a star-filled sky
To the dazzling sheen of a drifting damselfly.

I stand in awe of all I see
And thank the Lord that it came to be
The Spirit speaks
The Spirit speaks to me
“Know I am here with thee.”

© 2015 David Moore

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Click here for sheet music > watch-a-sunset